cbsob_sample_page_004There is a lot of history in that beer you’re drinking (or thinking about drinking) right now. Some might dismiss your can of Pilsner or bottle of IPA as nothing more than a throwaway consumer item. But make no mistake. Beer is not only ubiquitous. It is ancient — the product of the mother of all biotechnologies.

All anthropological evidence points to the startling fact that beer has been around since even before the beginning of civilization itself. As such, the drink is steeped in the story of humanity. (And vice versa!) Beer’s history is breathtakingly rich, brimming with surprises and provocative anecdotes, and bubbling with insight into the human experience.

Beer has always been the drink of “the people.” And now, for the first time, its story is being told in comics — the artistic medium of people!

Library shelves around the world sag with valuable volumes on the world’s #1 alcoholic drink. But The Comic Book Story of Beer‘s provocative mix of gorgeous illustration and solid research make it genuinely unique. You will be hard up trying to find another book for the beer lover in your life as expressive, informative, and fun to read as this one.

The Comic Book Story of Beer covers 9,000 years of history. It froths over with surprise twists and illuminating revelations that are anything but trivial.

If the page samples below convince you that this is a beer book you need to read, we heartily invite you to preorder it now.










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